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No Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of Storage

No Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of StorageNo Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of Storage
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No Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of Storage

Flexitank Round Delivers Instant Superior Storage

Nothing is worse than to run out of storage at critical times, you busy, everything gone wrong that week, 100 mm of rain tips the pond to overflow. Before Flexitank™ you be up the shit creek without a paddle, but now there is no longer any excuse not to have extra storage on hand. And the good thing is you could have it just sitting there on a pallet, ready to roll out and pump in when you need it most, its safe, risk free, great value for money and the best thing is FLEXITANK™ does not collect rain water, so you have what we call make farming ezy effective storage at your fingertips The benefits of a TechniPharm Make Farming Ezy Flexitank Round Bladder are significant : Floating 1200 by 1200 manhole in center *>500 Cube This allows for easy access and future options like a stirrer to be installed Breather and where need be emergency overflows can all be fitted ay any stage Extend handles around the perimeter This allows for easy installation and if need be future re location empty out and roll up Multiple Outlets 2 HD Outlets are provided standard, but you can add as many as you like Inlet 160 mm The 160 mm center inlet allows for any volume or system to be connected without reducing in flow No smell Close to houses or neighbours ? no smell is good. No rubbish blowing in The system is closed so no unexpected rubbish can block your irrigation system, save time and frustration No weeds. Great, no crusting no weeds, save time and save chemicals Unstable ground no issue Flexitank R can be installed on any ground situation, keep it simple, keep it cost effective All Nutrients contained N saved is N re used, its either buy new or use what you already have, save on N cost, reduce leaching Easy to manage Simple, effluent in, drain back to sump, pump to paddock Use existing pumps and sump No extra other pumps or stirrer are needed (in most sit uations) Safe no staff or kids can drown Save for all, tick the OSH box, peace of mind Fast install 3-4 hours roll out and install Strong round design Engineered to maximum structural integrity, rou nd is strong No corners for debris to settle Corners are always weak points and is where debris accumulates, removing the creates a better system Future P roof Expanding, need more storage just add an other unit and connect Expand the area of distribution Place Flexitank Round at the end of the current line and get a PTO pump to pump further a field more grass, more fertility on a larger part of the farm Res idual value A hole in the ground has no residual value a Flexitank R can be on sold Bladder systems have been common place in the EU for 60 years TechniPharm was first in bringing these systems to the market, we choose the best and most reputable manufacture to work with Fully certified Flexitank R is backed up by full international certification Value for Money Find a better offer, show us... Make contact today to secure your effluent storage compliance

Great value for money, instant risk free storage at less then $70/ cube



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