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Oloid® Mixing A Stirring Revolution

Oloid(r) Mixing A Stirring RevolutionOloid(r) Mixing A Stirring RevolutionOloid(r) Mixing A Stirring Revolution
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Oloid® Mixing A Stirring Revolution

Pond Stirring Is Often Costly... Not With Oloid®

Stirring ponds through a conventional propellor mixer is energy hungry, its well proven old technology and for many a choice without thought. New science and technology has developed new systems of alternative and better ways to mix fluids, no different to car or mobile phone technology, the principal is still the same, the way we do it has changed. Oloid® mixers are highly energy efficient and are used in many applications, from mixing highly dangerous fluids in manufacturing process to sewage treatment facilities and now Dairy Effluent storage systems. OLOID starts are so efficient they can run on Solar, removing a whole layer of infrastructure and saving you cost.



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