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On Farm Special Tools

The Rippa Grip is to good to leave in our store, and not many do. This G clamp like tool is a real winner, a fantastic clamping tool for all those jobs on the farm. Be it a few pipes need holding or a chainsaw sharpened on the back of the ute.

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Scrub Cutting Now So Much Easier

Scrub cutting? ever tried a WEEDWAKKA? this tool is magic, fits any straight shaft brush cutter. This invention from our Aus friends is a try winner. Replace that stringline with the nylon blades for even and non tree debarking cutter, or use the steel blade for that real tough work. You will never go back to the manufacturers supplied blades .. WEEDWAKKA, ask for it by name... now direct from TechniPharm


Ripa Grip? Clamp
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Ripa Grip? Clamp

We all know how hard it is to hold two round pieces of steel together, slip slide and trial and error.. Now there is Ripa Grip a revolution in G clamp technolgoy, once you see how this works you never go back to a G clamp.