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Pasture Gauge Adds Value

Pasture Gauge Adds Value
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Pasture Gauge Adds Value

Pas T Plus Extra $10,000 Up For Grabs...

Grass is Gold... No grass, no milk... If you spend a dollar on growing grass you ought to know how much you get back. Pasture management with Pas T Plus Extra is vital to your achieving farming goals. A dollar invested should result at least in 2 dollars returned. When Pas-T-Plus Extra is used to its full capabilities a significant higher return can be expected. You use a Mobile phone? Why are you still using a plate meter? Move to the digital age today and make it happen. Limited offer RR price $3595 ACT NOW $2995 Plus GST all units are new standard trading conditions apply

$3195.00 NZD + GST
Part No. PGPTP