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Permanent In Pond Stirrer - Gigabite

Permanent In Pond Stirrer - GigabitePermanent In Pond Stirrer - Gigabite
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Permanent In Pond Stirrer - Gigabite

Gigabite™ Hydraulic Driven Stirrer For Ponds

Large pond stirring is a real issue for many farmers: floating pontoons with small electric motors just are not cutting it for many. Behind tractor PTO stirrers may do an OK job, but often time between stirring sessions is far too long. The Gigabite™ permanent inpond stirrer solves a number of issues 1) its permanently placed in the pond, so easy to get started 2) its large and moves muck around the pond horizontally, not just on the spot, the thrust of the forced propelled action makes the muck move. 3) its easy to connect, park the tractor, attach PTO and you are in business. 4) the stirrer head can be shifted 180 degrees so you can stir in all directions. This unit is not for the faint hearted.. specially developed in NZ with EU sludge movement know how and systems. Full marine grade HD hydraulics, galvanised frame and very heavy duty materials. Get real about pond stirring... it needs doing properly every week !! Stirred effluent means you can almost eliminate any pumping issues, effluent is now a consistent and homegenised substance creating better distribution of nutrients on pasture. Stirring often means you do not have to get a digger in to clean the pond. Stirring often also means you have a better chance of compliance. Create some piece of mind, do it properly. Call us for a discussion and what to do next 0800 80 90 98



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