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Polybelt™ HDPE Lining material

Polybelt™ is a great material to screen off those area's where we can get cattle to move better, races, lead up race to loading ramps, be it one side of a race or both. Allso great as wind protection, tree protection, feed troughs and many more uses around the farm.
Made of virgin HDPE this product is UV stable, has a high tear strength and will last many years

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The Versatile Solution

Polybelt™ can be used in a yard or race, to screen off areas for better animal flow, as a windbreak. Polybelt™ is a smooth, high quality, high density material made from specially formulated virgin polyethylene resin. You can buy Polybelt™ in 3 widths: 1m and 1.5m and 2 m and in lengths of up to 100 metres. Application can be by pop rivets or tig screws, or for temporary applications: tie downs and star posts.

allow approx. 10-15 mm variation in widths due to saw cutting