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Polybelt™ HDPE Lining material

Polybelt™ is a great material to screen off those area's where we can get cattle to move better, races, lead up race to loading ramps, be it one side of a race or both. Allso great as wind protection, tree protection, feed troughs and many more uses around the farm.
Made of virgin HDPE this product is UV stable, has a high tear strength and will last many years

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Versitile Screening For All Animal Handling And Containment

Polybelt™ can be used in a yard or race, to screen off areas for better animal flow, as a windbreak. Polybelt™ is a smooth, high quality, high density material made from specially formulated virgin polyethylene resin. You can buy TechniPharm Polybelt™ in 3 widths: 1m and 1.5m and 2 m and in lengths of up to 100 metres. ( small width variables can occur due to cutting accurace +/- 5%. Standard thicknes is 1.5 mm.  Custom sizes are possible with notice. 

Fastening polybelt is easy, it can be by pop rivets, flat head screws in wood or tig screws in steel, or for temporary applications: tie downs on star posts. 

$28.95 NZD + GST
Part No. PBLTM