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Polysoft® Cow Matting With Dlg Sigma Test Report

Polysoft(r)  Cow Matting   With Dlg Sigma Test ReportPolysoft(r)  Cow Matting   With Dlg Sigma Test Report
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Polysoft® Cow Matting With Dlg Sigma Test Report

Critical Test Vita For Security Cow Wellbeing

When you change cows from a pasture based only system to a hydrid pasture inhouse system, aspects of cow hygiene and the ability to rest comfortably come to the fore. Over many years the Europeans have developed some very smart mattress concepts which address all the needs of the high producing Dairy cow of today. Materials ranging from rubber to polyurethane, pvc, synthetic rubber, woven matting, tube matting, water beds! and more, many choices and many features and benefits. Cost is an issue as is proven results. we have all the testing reports and NZ based practical results. With now well over 50.000 cows on mats in in-house facilities in NZ we can give you the widest industry reality check in this important area of housing cows. We do not recommend any matting be obtained which does not have a testing report from an independent well qualified organization like the EU based DLG Sigma test institute. ( a bit like a consumers institute for farm equipment) More cows lay on polysoft® in NZ then any other matting system simply because it delivers. Why is a good rest important to cows? Adequate lying times decrease stress Adequate lying time helps recovery from any health issues Adequate lying time helps producing more milk Adequate lying time keeps the cowhouse peaceful Adequate lying time encourages chewing of the cud The bench mark for optimum lying time is deep bedded sand, however this is not a very viable option in NZ due to cost and maintenance (up to 20 Kg sand per day per cow) Interested in reading? sand a review of its use in Housed Dairy Cows Hogeschool Hardenbosch March 2010



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