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Pregnancy Detection systems

TechniPharnm offers both Ultra Doppler for on farm use and Ultra Sound real time scanners for veterinarian use.
Both systems can be extremely beneficial to farm management and profitability outcomes. Know what is pregnant and know what is not!

Pregnancy Testers
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Pregnancy Testers

Test for pregnancy with this ultra Doppler sound system. Easy to use and ideal for the owner/user. Test when it suits you, a few cows a day or the lot the choice is yours. Cows bulling during the dry period? Check what is going on and know for sure.


Smartscan(tm) Diagnostics 3000
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Smartscan™ Diagnostics 3000

Ultrasound, real-time scanning, done smarter...for the Field Veterinarian or professional who likes to be fully mobile. The revolutionary video display headset allows the practitioner to scan in bright sunlight with minimal effect on image quality.


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