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Pressure Gauge Fde Compliant

Pressure Gauge Fde CompliantPressure Gauge Fde Compliant
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Pressure Gauge Fde Compliant

Pressure Gauge For Effluent Fde Compliant

Standard pressure gauges do not work well for effluent, they block. The TechniPharm specially developed effluent gauge does not block and is particularly suitable for monitoring effluent system pressures at any point from pump to irrigator. FDE good practice on Pressure Variation The FDE land application system must be designed to apply within +/- 10% of target applied depth with acceptable uniformity and application intensity in any location. In general the total pressure at the applicator(s) should not vary by more than: 20% of the design operating pressure at any point in the system Provision must be made for pressure measurement at the outlets/sprinklers as well as at the pump.



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