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Presto Shed™ for your Handling area

Presto sheds™ offer you a multitude of options for a quick and ezy, professional cover over your new or existing yards. The Presto Shed™ concept is easy to integrate. Standard designs with lots of options make this the cover of choice for many. All systems are fully kit set, but very easy to erect.
A 6 x 6 would take 2 people approximately 3-5 hours to erect, ready for use.
Cattle and staff will appreciate the cover.

Presto(tm) Sheds
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Presto™ Sheds

The ideal roof for your cattle handling area. An incredible clever slip-fit connection of strong heavy duty galvanised swaged steel that can be erected within 5 hours and costs less than most other forms of construction. Can be erected on unlevel ground or bolted onto a concrete pad