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Prestosheds a great instant solution to cover

Need protection from the elements but have no time to go through complicated drawing,design and building issues? Presto Shed™is your answer for high strength heavy duty galvanised swaged steel framing. Presto Sheds™ are easy to erect and suit many applications: calfsheds, equipment storage, boat storage, handling area cover, staff lunch area, carport, hayshed, lean to....
You name it, Presto Shed™ can cover it

The new '30 sqm no build permit needed', makes Presto Sheds™ your ezy choice.

Get into it, build that carport, lean too, boat shed, storage cover, its easy with Presto Shed.

Alternative Presto Soft-top Cover
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Alternative Presto Soft-top Cover

Soft-top Covers Allow For Many Options

The Alternative Presto sheds are a great quick solution for any quick cover needed
on farm or off farm.


Presto Sheds For Calves
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Presto Sheds For Calves

Rearing Calves Under Cover Pays

Rearing calves under cover pays, either around the dairy or in the paddock Presto Shed solutions can accommodate various options with eze. "unlimited length" or small "hut" type units can be provided.
Tell us about your needs and how we can match Presto in your rearing objectives.