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  The reducing price Auction Clock works on the basis of a reducing price and trigger point.

The clock will start at a pre set price and reduce in set small increments, at any point you or others on line at the same time can click the auction stop button which confirms your bid. If the bid is successful you win the auction.

The reserve and a below reserve trigger point are pre set in the system. If you fail to place your bid before this trigger point the auction will stop and you can give it an other go. The trigger point is reset but will not be the same as before, it may be higher or lower. You can however be guaranteed that the auction price is much lower then the listed price.

You never know how many other people are on line or participate in the auction so its a matter of judgement of when you place that bid.

Your personal registration has a max of 3 bidding rounds on each product per 24 hours

The auction is a fun way to obtain some good quality new, ex trade or surplus to stock requirement products for your farm.

Give it a go !

We have a created a sample auction clock, imagine you are bidding on product A
it has a retail value of $1200. The clock start at $895.- at the point you click stop your bid is logged and if you have beaten the preset lowest value and thus the product is yours, if not the auction will stop and you have an other 2 opportunities.

Give our sample Auction Clock a go!

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Auction Clock Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that apply to the silent reducing auction clock
1) All bids placed by the customer are irreversible and when accepted and agreed to by TechniPharm become the agreed contract of sale between the bidder and TechniPharm.
2) Collection and freight cost are the responsibility of the customer (TechniPharm may if requested assist you in organizing this on your behalf)
3) All items are sold `as is where is` unless new in which case the standard warranty applies.
4) All bids are treated as our general price list policy which is ex GST
5) All accepted bids are to be paid on invoice which will include the GST
6) No collection of goods can occur unless payment is made
7) TechniPharm reserves the right to withdraw any product at any stage of the auction process and as such cancel out the received bids
8) TechniPharm can accept any bid at any time and reserves the right to add and withdraw products or update and change prices at any time
9) When you confirm you details to play the auction, you are accepting these T&C's for your current session; ie, until you close your internet browser. Any bids placed during this time are considered binding to these T&C's. You will be prompted to confirm all bids before they are officially placed.

Last but not least have fun, get the best product at the best price !

@ TechniPharm `we make farming ezy`
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