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Remote Controlled Energizer Mb550r

Remote Controlled Energizer Mb550rRemote Controlled Energizer Mb550r
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Remote Controlled Energizer Mb550r


This energiser is supplied with both a 13V plug pack ac adaptor for connection to the mains, as well as a battery lead for connection to a 12V battery. Always operate the energiser under cover. This energiser is packed with numerous features to enable you to tailor the unit to suit your needs. The features are explained as follows: 16 Character x 2 Line Display A backlight aids viewing the information, but turns off after a few seconds to conserve the battery. Intelligent Adaptive Control - This feature allows the energiser to be more efficient in its use of energy from the power source, and yet deliver maximum voltage when the fence becomes heavily loaded. Remote Ready - This energiser can be turned from standby to on or vice versa from any point along the fence by means of an optional remote control. Alarm and Siren Outputs - Early warning of a problem with the fence can be achieved by plugging in an optional strobe or siren/strobe. Adjustable Output Voltage Adjustable Pulse Period Adjustable Alarm Level Earth Sensing Strobe and Siren Connection Power Supply - A socket is provided on the bottom of the energiser for connecting the provided mains power supply or a 12V battery. Operation - There are 3 operating modes that the energiser can be in. They are off; standby, where there are no pulses but it listens for any remote command; and on. Monitoring Fence Condition - The energiser display can indicate the condition of the fence. Battery Monitoring - The battery voltage is monitored while in operation. MB550R Specifications: Battery Voltage ...11.8 - 16Vdc Supply Current*..Standby - 13mA MB550R- 210 - 400mA (1.4sec pulses, high power) MB1050R- 350 - 780mA (1.4sec pulses, high power) MB1750R- 550mA - 1.2A (1.4sec pulses, high power) Output Voltage....MB550R 7.5kV no load MB1050R 7.9kV no load MB1750R 8.3kV no load Stored Energy.....MB550R - 5.1 joules maximum MB1050R - 10.2 joules maximum MB1750R - 17.6 joules maximum Max Output .........MB550R - 3.46J at 250 ohms resistive load MB1050R - 8.02J at 200 ohms resistive load MB1750R - 11.86J at 200 ohms resistive load Temperature .......-10 - 50 degrees Celsius Humidity .............0 - 90% non condensing *Supply current varies with fence load




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