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Robust Cattle Yard Gates For Wooden yards

Steel K Rail gates for your wooden yard are a must, you will never look back or have to be afraid that a gate will break because K Rail gates are robust, well engineered and simply unbreakable! Made of solid genuine K Rail and designed to fit most common sizes. We also do custom made gates specially to your specifications.
Order some today! Allow at least 2-4 weeks from order to delivery as these gates are popular! Where else would you get a 10 year bend it or replace it warranty?

K-rail™ Gates For Wooden Yards
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K-rail™ Gates For Wooden Yards

Robust Steel Gates For Your Wooden Yards

Robust steel gates for wooden yards with high visibility high tensile genuine K-Rail™ to encourage and guid stock in the right direction.
With optional choice of locking latches. Height options 1400 and 1600. Larger gates come with support wheels


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Genuine Quality

Unique and genuine, K-rail™ is a TechniPharm® product of the highest quality. We provide you with a 10 year 'bend it or replace it' guarantee. Ask for it by name K-rail™ from TechniPharm®.