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Rotating Yoke™ Headbail , New With Active Hydraulics

Rotating Yoke™ Headbail , New With Active Hydraulics
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Rotating Yoke™ Headbail , New With Active Hydraulics

The revolutionary, patented Rotating Yoke Head bail™, no linkages, just two rotating yokes and a handle, not just an up and down handle but also rotating which enables you to operate it with ease from behind the animal. Winner of 10 Awards in both New Zealand and Australia. This headbail allows infinite locking with finger tip control in a safe manner for both the animal and the operator.

New for 2017 is the active Hydraulics on this unit, now fingertip control with simplified but yet very powerful hydraulics. 240 volt power is required.

Demand for this unit is driven by farmers telling us that large mobs and more handling is having an impact on aging farmers shoulders, additionally staff female and male alike are more confident with hydraulics and super safe locking an animal in, then with conventional manual units.

Why bother with manual while you can, for a fraction more, have active hydraulics.

*National Fielday 2001
*Waimumu SI Field Days 2002
*Australian Farm World 2002
*New Zealand National Fielday 02
*AUS Beef Expo 2003 (2x)
*AUS Beef Expo 2004 (2x)
*AUS Beef Expo 2006