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Ruddweigh 500 Monitor

Ruddweigh 500 Monitor
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Ruddweigh 500 Monitor

Great Buy

This Ruddweigh 500 monitor is ex trade in and will still do a great job on many properties RUDDWEIGH 500 Large easy to read display Simple to use with large rotary selector knob Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown Continue weighing session while charging battery with AC adapter or external battery Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing: o Auto weighing animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing o Manual weighing operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key o Fine weighing small load weighing with no zero tracking for greater accuracy Up to three way drafting: o Draft by weight o Draft gate assignment saved for later computer analysis o RS232 output drives Auto Drafter gates o Draft statistics displayed while weighing Stores 8,000 weighing records in memory Easy input of relevant information during weighing session: o 5 digit visual tag number o 2 digit condition score entered on keypad o Assign visual tags against EID tag number o Edit records on screen during weighing session Choose from display screens while weighing o Statistics screen (standard weighing and drafting stats when drafting) o Animal record display Auto increment setting automatically sets weight increments for different animal types Plug in different weight capacity loadbars for different applications o Indicator automatically recognises loadbar capacity and auto calibrates Compatible with most animal weighing loadbars Duplicate tag warning in current session Scroll through records in previous weighing sessions on screen. Direct interface to EID reader and automated drafters MyScale software supplied o Easy download of records from scale to computer o Easy download of sessions from computer to scale o Session editor to review saved records o View session stats on saved sessions in session editor