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Seelect A Cow 3 Way Remote Draft

Seelect A Cow 3 Way Remote Draft
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Seelect A Cow 3 Way Remote Draft

Drafting Made Ezy And Simple

This unit is a simple but very effective drafting solution. Ideally suited for smaller dairies (herring bone) or for farmers whom do not wish to engage in significant higher level electronics and apps. The drafting system is based on the supreme award winning Seelect a Cow 3 way drafter. The split gate ensures maximum effectiveness when drafting cows in line without the need for stopper gates. The remote can be used any where in the dairy within line of sight.

This unit sells for under 10 K and is easy to install in an existing race Can be self installed or TechniPharm to coordinate at cost Freight, labour and installation at cost.



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