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Small Mains Battery Energisers Mb130

Small Mains Battery Energisers Mb130
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Small Mains Battery Energisers Mb130

Small Is Great Mb130

Imagine the flexibility of using the same energiser out the back paddock or around the house yards. Thunderbirds new range of mains / battery fence energisers, deliver flexibility to cover all your fencing needs. Powers up to 7.5 km & 15km, with 8,000 volts output - .7 & 1.5 stored joules Digital LCD display ( 3 functions displayed ) Mains or Battery powered, ( A.C. Adaptor and D.C lead supplied ) Optional solar kits are available Vacuum Sealed transformer, for better reliability and longer life Quality Australian made product, with 2 years warranty Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months warranty against lightning strikes Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.

$335.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EFSMB130



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