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Smart Yard: Cft Force 180/180

Smart Yard: Cft Force 180/180
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Smart Yard: Cft Force 180/180

Safety And Animal Guidance At Its Best

Specific guidance principles of how to get animals to do what we want them to do, without a lot of people and/or yelling and screaming. TechniPharm has spent many years of experimenting, learning and taking advice from other specialists around the globe. A particular note is Temple Grandin from the USA who has made a profound impact and change on all cattle handling systems around the world. The dimensions used are often not in line with efficient use of steel lengths thus you often find Technipharm system being slightly dearer, but that extra investment pays off in more efficient and safer handling. Even 1 minute per animal over 300 animals, 12 times a year adds up to considerable time savings.



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