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Smart-yard Design Consultancy

Smart-yard Design ConsultancySmart-yard Design ConsultancySmart-yard Design Consultancy
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Smart-yard Design Consultancy

Design Around The Animal Is Paramount

A specialised and reputable design team is at your service , by that we mean not a design team which knows how to create fancy lines on a screen, but design based on proven animal behaviour science and experience is an other matter. Design is a specialist areas where the TechniPharm team can create an edge for you Our many years in the business and having an animal first stress free approach means you win both ways, best design for your farm system and best product long term. We have integrated scientific parameters in our yard designs ensuring you get performance at every step of the way. We know your yards are the picot point in your farm handling operations, TechniPharm solutions will be value for money, and product price competitive to outcomes and expectations. High Performance is our minimum standard Cattle just respect the visual impact of the system and are very seldom challenging that, this means animals are stress free and easy top handle Roger Hayward Twin Oak Angus



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