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Smart-yards Hd™

Smart-yards  Hd(tm)Smart-yards  Hd(tm)
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Smart-yards Hd™

Superior Heavy Duty Smart-yard™ Handling System

Smart Yards HD are the superior solution for high level Cattle Handling and management systems This solution includes a high level of consultancy and design work and our very best and heaviest yard systems and handling solutions. The first of these systems was rolled out for Twin Oaks Angus in Ta Akau. These very extensive yards and handling system are in our view the pinnacle of yard design and functionality in NZ, based on strict parameters and design criteria from renowned international yard designed Temple Grandin. If you are interested in exploring how Smart Yards HD can work for you, give Technipharm we make farming ezy a call today.

Smart Yards HD incorporate various principles and designs which have received an National Fieldays Award


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