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Smart-Yards™ Calculator

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Smart-yards™ Calculator

The Smart Yards™ calculator is a free assessment tool to establish what is required in a new yard. Yard size is established by the type of animal and the type of work you do. We often see yards being obtained on a price only basis, the risk is yards may be too small, too large or deficient in their ultimate purpose.

At TechniPharm we focus on providing working solutions to suit the purpose, this means features and benefits rank higher than price. For instance did you know that 40% of our large 6 rail panel is actually made up of steel as the visual barrier.... this is the highest covered area of any panel in the market place... meaning you get more for your dollar spent and Cattle are less stressed and work in the yards happens faster, making your farming ezy.

Holding Yards

Number of animals

Drafting Yards

Number of animals
Pens needed

Force Yards

Number of animals

Leadup Race

Number of animals in lead up race to handler (as a guide, 25% of animals in force yard)

Number of animals
Animal age

Cattle Smart-Yards™
Dairy Smart-Yards™
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