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Freestall Wintering Barns, Dairysheds, Feedpads, Covered Feedpad Shelters

Effluent Or Sludge?
Effluent Separation
Feedpad Design And Development With A Vision
Freestall Cowhouse™ Developments
  If you have a special project, be that a conversion, new dairy shed, animal housing facility or a Robot milking facility, the team at TechniPharm can add a great deal of value to your projects outcome.
We understand the dynamics and project challenges from feasibility to realization and ongoing sport.

An initial consultation is suggested via Cowhouse consulting visit
or call Harmen on 021 649049

Freestall Cowhouse® Developments

From wintering barns to Freestalls... we add value

From the Providers and Design consultaion support to the Massey Cowhouse®.

Are you considering a Freestall CowHouse® Dairy House ™ Herd home, or similar if so, you have come to the right address.... we will assist you in all aspects of this new development in a true Kiwi/Northern Hemisphere Hybrid model designed for NZ farmers. With significant world leading in house experience you be assured to get the best system and result.

Make a start and check out

Indoor Dairy Farming

What does professor Keith Woodward say about indoor farming in NZ?

Feedpad Design And Development With A Vision

Planning a feedpad? thinking about the possibilities of a covered feedpad? now or in years to come? Maybe turn a feedpad into a Freestall CowHouse® DairyHouse ™) We can assist with a complete service, from evaluation to design, or design advise and/or turn key projects check it out at

Effluent, Sludge Or Valuable Nutrients

From pumps to ponds to sludge tankers

You have come to the right place if you are handling sludge...
Effluent from a feedpad or wintering barn, freestall CowHouse® Dairy House ™ is not the same as thin watery stuff from the Dairy. If its sludge or high volume effluent which is bothering you call us and let us help you solve the problem. With effluent its either you manage it or it creates havoc for you day in day out...award winning systems and reputation!

Effluent Separation

Effluent separation for special purpose

Effluent separation is not for every one or every application.
There may be some special requirements, like recycling water/effluent on an irrigation property, or distributing effluent through a pivot irrigator.
TechniPharm has extensive experience with effluent separation. If you serious about effluent separation we invite you to give us a call.

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