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Stall Guidance Systems

Stall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance Systems
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Stall Guidance Systems

Stall Guidance Systems Back Ground Information Creates Comfort Security

There are many options and theories for stall frames, and each design has its benefits and draw backs... its not just a piece of bent steel height, length, width of bay as well as shape of the frame will all have an impact on cow wellbeing. We suggest strongly not to obtain these products without proper and qualified advice. An engineer or builder however capable is not a cow wellbeing expert. At TechniPharm we know all the options and will help you select a stall frame which is suitable for your cows. Lunge space, the manner in which cows lay in the stalls, hygiene, and general comfort are are critical factors to consider. Stall frames are just but one component of a total system. Other critical factors are within the Brisket rail, the Neck rail and Bedding options. The whole system has to work in synchrony. Before we would provide you a stall guidance system , we will engage and do a significant amount of work to establish that it will work for you and your cows. We only recommend and use products from suppliers which have a significant back ground and established performance success. Most successful stall systems in NZ are what is referred to as Frisian Hanging and R Frames. Full height and width adjustment in these systems are ideally suited to NZ conditions. TechniPharm has the largest number of Freestall fit out projects completed in NZ including the Massey Uni Cowhouse



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