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Stock Transport

Stock TransportStock Transport
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Stock Transport

Standard Drafter Pulley And Rope

Total Stock Transporter BIG ALL This total stock low bed transporter is ideal for moving stock on farm or between blocks of land. Specifically made for NZ conditions and tractor pulled. Combine with a set of panels and stock can be loaded and loaded anywhere without the need of yards or loading facilities Specifications: Deck : 9m by 2.45m = 22 m2 deck @ 1.2m2 / cow= +/- 18 milking cows ( large cattle) or 25-30 Yearlings . Low lying so loading and unloading does not need a loading ramp, fast loading and unloading , less stress for cows and staff more results. Pull method: Tractor pulled so ideal for inter transit between blocks of land Specifications: 9.00 x 2.45 deck space Tandem axle Tyres/wheel rims to max width max 3.m Hydraulic knee axle Hydraulics braked Tyres 4 of @ 435/50R19.5 Mudguards can be removed LED lights 2 entry doors including lockup gate at back end of trailer 1x lock up bar which can be locked anywhere in trailer Solid aniti skid floor galv floor Total submersed galvanizing Allow 12 weeks from order to delivery

$4995.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CH3WD


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