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Swh And Sst Teatsprayers™

Swh And Sst Teatsprayers(tm)
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Swh And Sst Teatsprayers™

Speed Sensitive Teatspraying™ Sst

Automatic Teatspraying is the way to safe time and get better teatspray application. The SWH unit is a basic yet very effective teatspray unit, either kit set for assembly in an existing race or in the full handler frame format. Great unit at a great price. The SST systems are designed speed sensitive (award winner) and is revolutionized walk teat spray systems in NZ. The SST system was awarded an award for its use in the Seelect a Cow drafter which uses the same technology of anticipated speed identification to related action. (speed determines the action)

Mel Eden - Dairy Exporter August 2014 Next on my shopping list would be an automatic teat sprayer. In spite of the purists saying no machine is as good as a person, theyre wrong. Automation to take over boring, repetitive but necessary tasks is money well spent. Modern machines work well and do not interfere with cow flow. Install them in a herringbone right at the head gate and in a rotary either have a between-the-legs sprayer close to the exit or walkover in the exit race.