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Teat Spray With Sst

Teat Spray With Sst
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Teat Spray With Sst

Speed Sensitive Teatspray Is Superior

Why Automatic Teatspraying stacks up Speed up your milking means . more grazing time for cows, more time for break fast for you and staff, less plant running cost, less stress on cows Improve udder health, consistent and regular spraying twice a day means all teats get covered resulting in viewer infections and better teat condition Peace of mind, knowing all cows are treated and things run smoothly and more efficient which ultimately means a benefit to the bottom line We often get asked what shed is more suitable to install Automatic Teatspray units, in the end it makes no difference what does make the difference is milking speed. Often biggest gains on milking speed and cow flow is in Herringbone sheds, also much less walking results in better use of available daily energy for operator and staff. For Rotary sheds the big gains are often in the ability to not have a person at cups off at all times of the season. Either way the way to create efficiencies and a better bottom line in business is to not do manually what can be done automatically, repetitive tasks are first in line for an upgrade to AI (artificial intelligence) Teatspray with TechniPharm make farming ezy SWH or SST Teatspray units is the way to achieve this.

Mel Eden - Dairy Exporter August 2014 Next on my shopping list would be an automatic teat sprayer. In spite of the purists saying no machine is as good as a person, theyre wrong. Automation to take over boring, repetitive but necessary tasks is money well spent. Modern machines work well and do not interfere with cow flow. Install them in a herringbone right at the head gate and in a rotary either have a between-the-legs sprayer close to the exit or walkover in the exit race.

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Part No. SSTKM