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Tirex Triband Castrator

Tirex Triband CastratorTirex Triband Castrator
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Tirex Triband Castrator

New New New...get Yours Now!

We developed this superior quality castrator to give our clients an increased choice of options. TechniPharm is recognized as the home of superior castrating tools and this new Tirex is just what many farmers have been asking for. Full stainless componentry and solid moulded handles and slide guide, ergonomically shaped for maximum working space between the legs. Handles lock over centre so you do not have to hold that ring open. After a full days work in the yard you can use the end of the handle to open a well earned beer! Call now with your order NZ 0800 80 90 98 or AUS 1800 124 034 Checking of animal wellbeing legislation recommended for all methods of castration

what an excellent product you have, we find the rings do not cut into the skin of the scrotum , even the large calves and therefore do not attract the flies in hot weather, they just keep growing after marking many Thanks Boiga View NSW Aus love the product, had big issues with flies using small rings, but now with TechniPharm wide band no issues , great effort technipharm thanks Tony Price NSW Aus

$325.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EZTRX


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