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Tirex / Triband Wideband™ Rings

Tirex / Triband Wideband(tm) Rings
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Tirex / Triband Wideband™ Rings

Buy your Wideband™ Rings for your Tirex™ and Triband™ tool direct. 100% latex and freshly cut. (no risk of old rings as we keep rings stored cool and dry to ensure they last and do the job) The special Wideband™ purpose designed ring provides for a strong tight fit, cutting off that blood flow and nerve endings to ensure a fast castration and healing process. Packs of 50 priced at just $26 plus gst and freight love the product, had big issues with flies using small rings, but now with TechniPharm wide band no issues , great effort technipharm thanks Tony Price NSW Aus Checking of animal wellbeing legislation recommended for all methods of castration

$26.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EZWBR