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Tri-band Green™ Bloodless Castrating™

Tri-band Green™  Bloodless Castrating™
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Tri-band Green™ Bloodless Castrating™

Tri-band Green™

Bloodless castrating brought exclusively to you byTechniPharm... TRI BAND ™ GREEN is the genuine Castrator for castrating animals up to 180 KG.
Using a TRIBAND GREEN means you get better grown out calves and more meat for less work! In the end we all want as many Kilos of beef per 4 hoofs right? So if you do castrate for your clients cattle early think about the fact you cut out testosterone... when that is gone so is your growth promoter.
Calves are born with this wonderful hormone so why cut it out early!
TRIBAND GREEN is humane and affordable and the best thing is it adds dollars to your bottom line and keeps you safe...no OSH risks in cutting your fingers with those nasty pocket knives or scalpels... Why TRIBAND Green?, for one its the genuine article, fully backed up by a 2 year warranty and affordable quality rings. Secondly we believe in showing we are reducing our carbon footprint TechniPharm has interest in a small tree plantation to offset its carbon footprint!
TRIBAND GREEN also has a big brother EZE, for those larger animals, ideal for Breeders and farmers trading cattle or simply for any farmer wanting all options of castrating options open to him.

BLOODLESS and safe... get yours now and call 0800 80 90 98

Checking of animal wellbeing legislation recommended for all methods of castration

Potential award winner... awarding this product is easy... its smart carbon friendly and users add value to their end product do farm harder farm smarter


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