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Tru Curve™ Panels

Tru Curve(tm) PanelsTru Curve(tm) PanelsTru Curve(tm) Panels
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Tru Curve™ Panels

Curves Move Cattle Faster

Tru Curve™ panels are a unique feature of the Smart-Yard designs. Tru Curve™ is proven to make cattle flow and work for you, rather than you doing the hard work the design does it for you. With or without catwalks. Full 180 degrees works best but part curves are also an option. Optional reduccing width feature allows you to reduce the width of the race and avoid those animals turning on you. Engineering would rather see us have straight panels and just make it up from short and long panels, but nothng works like a tru curve so our motto is do what is right and what works best for the stock and farmer. 



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