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Through our travels and attendance at shows we often come across great tools and ideas which often never make it to a shop, simply because the rural market in real terms is relatively small and shops need large margins or huge numbers in sales to justify the shelve space.... on our web page shelf space is not that expensive so here we have some great ideas for some neat tools which will make your life easier!

Empty Bag(tm) Your Solution Do Emptying Big Bags
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Empty Bag™ Your Solution Do Emptying Big Bags

A Fast And Safe Way To Empty A Big Bag

Big bags are popular, fertiliser, sand, seed, you name it it can be bought in an empty bag. Emptying an empty bag is a different story.... but now there is EMPTY BAG™ a easy fast and safe method to empty a big bag. from Stuff article Dec 2016 from very frustrated farmer: In the past, the bags had a clever configuration which allowed you to open up a hole at the bottom and direct the flow of fertiliser into your spreader and then close the flow off with a draw string at your discretion. To my surprise, the newly purchased bags did not have a hole. I rang the fertiliser company and asked where is the hole to let the fertiliser out? I could not believe it when he told me that the bags no longer had the hole for health and safety reasons. I was told I would have to cut a hole myself because for health and safety reasons, the bags were now single-use ones. Because my fertiliser spreader only holds one-third of a 500kg bag, it was not as simple as just stabbing a hole in the bag and letting it all flow out. I had to cut a hole one-third of the way down, angle the heavy bag on the tractor forks and physically scoop the fertiliser out, which is way more riskier method than before as I had to use a knife and climb up on the bike to do


Weedwakka(tm) Heavy DutyWeedwakka(tm) Heavy DutyWeedwakka(tm) Heavy DutyWeedwakka(tm) Heavy Duty
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Weedwakka™ Heavy Duty

No Sharpening, No Tangling, No Adjusting!

Weedwakka™ Heavy Duty will cut a wide range of vegetation, from light grass to blackberries, including woody weeds with stems to thumb thickness. Replaces steel and plastic blades. (b) Hardened steel blades cut efficiently and never require sharpening. (b) The articulated blade design absorbs shock when a solid object is struck. PLEASE NOTE!: Both Weedwakka™ models are designed for use on STRAIGHT SHAFT BRUSHCUTTERS ONLY and must not be used with any other type.


Weedwakka(tm) MulticutWeedwakka(tm) Multicut
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Weedwakka™ Multicut

No Cord, No Tangling, No Adjusting!

The Weedwakka™ range of brushcutting attachments completely eliminate the frustration that so many people experience with nylon cord and conventional steel blades. Weedwakka™ MultiCut cuts faster, cleaner and more accurately than nylon cord. It is ideal for general culling and edging, culling around trees and along fences, including netting. Replaces nylon cord and plastic blades. IMPACT-RESISTANT NYLON BLADES! (b) Outperforms cord in every way. (b) Blades are replaceable in seconds, without the use of tools. (b) Cuts safely around trees & along fences. PLEASE NOTE!: Both Weedwakka™ models are designed for use on STRAIGHT SHAFT BRUSHCUTTERS ONLY and must not be used with any other type.


Ripa Grip(tm) Clamp
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Ripa Grip™ Clamp

We all know how hard it is to hold two round pieces of steel together, slip slide and trial and error.. Now there is Ripa Grip a revolution in G clamp technolgoy, once you see how this works you never go back to a G clamp. 3 models Small, Medium and Large. Call us now with your order

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