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Variable Effluent Irrigation Systems

A variable pressure effluent system takes away the problem of irrigators not performing due to inadequate pressure at the far paddock. With a variable pressure system you remove some design restrictions and "grow options". Effluent pumping with a variable pressure system is easy. A variable pressure system is simpler to set up, but costs a bit more to start with but its advantages are numerous. To meet your consent min application rate you will have to work the pump at a "fixed" setting. When soil moisture deficits allow you can increase the rate.

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Advance Mega High Pressure Irrigator With Rapidflow BoomAdvance Mega High Pressure Irrigator With Rapidflow BoomAdvance Mega High Pressure Irrigator With Rapidflow BoomAdvance Mega High Pressure Irrigator With Rapidflow Boom
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Advance Mega High Pressure Irrigator With Rapidflow Boom

Advance Mega Shifts Its Better !

This special high presure irrigator is designed so it can shift large amounts of effluent fast... fast travel means you can comply with low application rates, but for that you need pressure and a unit which can spin the boom In the event that you want to put more effluent on you simply slow the unit down. There are almost an infinite number of gear/speed settings. This unit comes in 11 metre boom options only, 3 runs to a hectare with a 30-40 metre spread! (see the video clip) With Dynathene rope for enhanced ease of use and reliability! FDE good practice guideline on Application Uniformity All liquid FDE land application systems must achieve a DUuq (as defined in the accompanying FDE Design Code of Practice) of no greater than 1.25.

$18950.00 NZD + GST
Part No. IRAM11


Variable Pressure PumpsVariable Pressure PumpsVariable Pressure PumpsVariable Pressure Pumps
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Variable Pressure Pumps

Eisele Variable Pressure Pumps By Technipharm

These pumps are made specifically to shift effluent and sludge at variable pressure. The unique Rubber Lobe pump system means lots of pressure and no siphoning. Drive this pump via PTO or stationary engine for mobility or variable speed, or alternative electric drive for a permanent but FDE compliant variable set up. Meet your min application rates when it counts and deliver more when you can (high soil moisture deficit) Imported from Eisele a german manufacturer which has been manufacturing effluent management equipment since 1880. We have a pump solution for most challenges. If you have a real desire to solve your effluent issues for good, call us today.


Eisele - Surface Mounted  PumpEisele - Surface Mounted  PumpEisele - Surface Mounted  Pump
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Eisele - Surface Mounted Pump

Variable Pressure Surface Pump Self Priming

This 15kw 600litre per minute German made pump is designed to pump sludge or effluent at high pressure (3-7 bar) The unique rubber lobes push the effluent where you need to to be. This unit is self priming and poised for action. Beats any open chamber impeller pump hands down. The unit is to be mounted on a concrete pad next to your pond or sump and is self priming. No pontoons or access issues.


Storage Bladders: Eco Bag Effluent Storage SystemStorage Bladders: Eco Bag Effluent Storage SystemStorage Bladders: Eco Bag Effluent Storage SystemStorage Bladders: Eco Bag Effluent Storage System
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Storage Bladders: Eco Bag Effluent Storage System

From 1000 Cube To 7000 Cube

Storage of effluent is taking a whole new turn with an ECO BAG from Wieffering (EU) by TechniPharm . This great solution is not only very cost effective it also means you do need limited engineering as all is fully contained and you are fully covered for unwanted added rain water and objects which may get into the pond No issues with liner gas bubbles as this system is fully contained Less evaporation of valuable N , almost no smell and no crusting ever. System includes full mixing solutions. The principle of ECOBAG are simple and outlined in the information pack.. Effective storage N captured ( in open pond up to 60% goes up in smoke and evaporates as a greenhouse gas ( not yet an offence but will come as NZ severely lagging) Significant reduced or No smell (an issue now for many resource consents) Safe ( you can not fall into it (OSH) Easy install on all types of ground ( often an issue with alternative systems) Easy to expand, just put an other one next to what you already have, no need to rip up Reduced earthwork cost ( just an embankment) No engineering cost all drawings provided


Turbo T(tm)Turbo T(tm)
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Turbo T™

Eliminate Blockages

The Turbo T™ from TechniPharm is designed to make your farming ezy...blockages can be a pain. Turbo T™ will create a vortex in the chamber which will aid the breaking up of debris before it enters the boom If a blockage occurs all you have to do is open the chamber for access, rather than taking the whole boom to bits.


Pressure Gauge Fde CompliantPressure Gauge Fde Compliant
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Pressure Gauge Fde Compliant

Pressure Gauge For Effluent Fde Compliant

Standard pressure gauges do not work well for effluent, they block. The TechniPharm specially developed effluent gauge does not block and is particularly suitable for monitoring effluent system pressures at any point from pump to irrigator. FDE good practice on Pressure Variation The FDE land application system must be designed to apply within +/- 10% of target applied depth with acceptable uniformity and application intensity in any location. In general the total pressure at the applicator(s) should not vary by more than: 20% of the design operating pressure at any point in the system Provision must be made for pressure measurement at the outlets/sprinklers as well as at the pump.


Stirrers For Sumps And PondsStirrers For Sumps And PondsStirrers For Sumps And Ponds
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Stirrers For Sumps And Ponds

Electric Driven Stirrers

The Eisele range of stirrers is a very powerful solution to stirring sumps and ponds. Horizontal stirrers stir a pond in a circular push around motion. Conventional stirring (vertically shaft direction) is ok for small sumps, but not great for stirring various levels of deeper sumps or ponds. The stirrers come in various models and options for ponds, sumps or above ground ponds.


Stationary Drive Unit And PumpStationary Drive Unit And PumpStationary Drive Unit And Pump
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Stationary Drive Unit And Pump

Mobile Effluent Irrigation System

This unit is specially designed for pumping effluent/sludge from ponds. Designed originally as a commercial pumping system it can also be engaged where large amounts of effluent need pumping and where electricity supply is limited or too far away from transformers. It can also be set up as a mobile drive unit for pumps in line or with hydraulic pond stirrers. Price on application. Custom built.