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Weedwakka™ Multicut

Weedwakka(tm) MulticutWeedwakka(tm) Multicut
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Weedwakka™ Multicut

No Cord, No Tangling, No Adjusting!

The Weedwakka™ range of brushcutting attachments completely eliminate the frustration that so many people experience with nylon cord and conventional steel blades. Weedwakka™ MultiCut cuts faster, cleaner and more accurately than nylon cord. It is ideal for general culling and edging, culling around trees and along fences, including netting. Replaces nylon cord and plastic blades. IMPACT-RESISTANT NYLON BLADES! (b) Outperforms cord in every way. (b) Blades are replaceable in seconds, without the use of tools. (b) Cuts safely around trees & along fences. PLEASE NOTE!: Both Weedwakka™ models are designed for use on STRAIGHT SHAFT BRUSHCUTTERS ONLY and must not be used with any other type.

$86.10 NZD + GST
Part No. WWMC