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Wideband™ Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)

Wideband(tm) Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)
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Wideband™ Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)

Wideband™ Rings & Clips for your Eze Bloodless Castrator 100% latex and freshly cut to ensure best practice castration. TechniPharm Wideband™ rings will keep up to 3 years in fridge or freezer. Ensure storage is cool and dark. Pack of 50 rings and clips $150 Plus GST and freight. what an excellent product you have, we find the rings do not cut into the skin of the scrotum , even the large calves and therefore do not attract the flies in hot weather, they just keep growing after marking many Thanks Boiga View NSW Aus

$26.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EZWBR