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Wideband™ Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)

Wideband(tm) Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)
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Wideband™ Eze Rings And Clips (50 Pack)

Wideband™ Rings & Clips for your Eze Bloodless Castrator 100% latex and freshly cut to ensure best practice castration. TechniPharm Wideband™ rings will keep up to 3 years in fridge or freezer. Ensure storage is cool and dark. Pack of 50 rings and clips $150 Plus GST and freight. what an excellent product you have, we find the rings do not cut into the skin of the scrotum , even the large calves and therefore do not attract the flies in hot weather, they just keep growing after marking many Thanks Boiga View NSW Aus Checking of animal wellbeing legislation recommended for all methods of castration

$189.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EZERC50



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