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Cattle Handlers for Beef or Dairy

Statistics show on average farmers are older and have fewer staff, yet being as a producer of meat or dairy often means more handling of stock is required.
Staff need the tools to do the job and safety and health regulations determine good quality functional equipment is key to better safety.
With many upgrades happing across our client base we have a constant stream of trade in units available.

New or trade, Technipharm provides for very credible quality functional solutions for all types of stock handling requirements

Check out the offerings, be quick as generally TechniPharm equipment does not hang around to long
Brand promise iBeef

Brand Promise Cattle Handling iBeef

The origin of a brand or branding is very old, the practice of branding originates in identifying the need by farmers to identify ownership of livestock in a way which is unique and easily visible. Even in todays digital world, the US brand registers are the only form of legal livestock ownership identification.

A brand is a permanent marker and in todays commercial world a brand confirms a product or companies value proposition. The TechniPharm brand has been designed along the principles of Cattle Brand criteria and its value proposition is described in the attached PDF file. The Cattle Handling brand will be visible on all our promotion material and equipment and will be your guarantee of genuine ownership and pride.

# 8 Cattle Handler  (sold)
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# 8 Cattle Handler (sold)

This Unit Is Great Buying

Client traded up to a Hydraulic handler. This unit has been looked after and will do a lot of work yet on an other property
Near Side operation, double squeeze, rubber lined floor, Rotating Yoke headbail with Necklamp, split vet gates and vet safety slot, rear gate split operation : price guide $17500
New value just under 25 K
4 years old Hot dipped Galvanized


Tru Test Extension Bars 2.5 Ton
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Tru Test Extension Bars 2.5 Ton

Ex Trade in weighbars suitable for full handler in good woirking order 



Curved Loading Ramp
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Curved Loading Ramp

Curved Loading Ramp

This ramp curves to the left, wooden floor and catwalk fitted.
Great stock mover.
The unit was traded in as part of a yard upgrade where the curve direction needed to be changed to align with new yard entry for trucks

$4500.- Plus GST and Freight


Gallagher 810 Monitor
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Gallagher 810 Monitor

Great For Larger Properties

The 810 unit was only up to a few months ago the flagship monitor in the Gallagher range of weigh scales.

All the Weigh Scale W610 features Electronic Identification Tag compatible (EID) weigh scale indicator
MyScale Pro software and cables included
Bluetooth communication with other devices plus: Animal notes stored with each weighing record. Define your own animal traits and activities. Connect to automated drafters and draft up to 9 ways by EID number, weight and list. Draft statistics displayed while weighing for animal audit. Draft category stored with animal record for later analysis. Multiple trait sessions for flexible data collection, faster weighing and weight gain display. Edit records on screen during weighing session. Assign up to 15 digit visual tag number against weight records and EID number. Stores 21,000 animals and 60,000 records. Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers and drafters.

New just under $2000.- A great deal factory serviced @$1200.- plus GST

( see also the HD3500 bars in this ex trade offering)


Ruddweigh 500 Monitor
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Ruddweigh 500 Monitor

Great Buy

This Ruddweigh 500 monitor is ex trade in and will still do a great job on many properties

Large easy to read display
Simple to use with large rotary selector knob
Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown
Continue weighing session while charging battery with AC adapter or external battery
Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing:
o Auto weighing animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing
o Manual weighing operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key
o Fine weighing small load weighing with no zero tracking for greater accuracy
Up to three way drafting:
o Draft by weight
o Draft gate assignment saved for later computer analysis
o RS232 output drives Auto Drafter gates
o Draft statistics displayed while weighing
Stores 8,000 weighing records in memory
Easy input of relevant information during weighing session:
o 5 digit visual tag number
o 2 digit condition score entered on keypad
o Assign visual tags against EID tag number
o Edit records on screen during weighing session
Choose from display screens while weighing
o Statistics screen (standard weighing and drafting stats when drafting)
o Animal record display
Auto increment setting automatically sets weight increments for different animal types
Plug in different weight capacity loadbars for different applications
o Indicator automatically recognises loadbar capacity and auto calibrates
Compatible with most animal weighing loadbars
Duplicate tag warning in current session
Scroll through records in previous weighing sessions on screen.
Direct interface to EID reader and automated drafters
MyScale software supplied
o Easy download of records from scale to computer
o Easy download of sessions from computer to scale
o Session editor to review saved records
o View session stats on saved sessions in session editor


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Simple But Very Effective

We have build a good number of these over the years for clients wanting to do minimal handling but with a focus on weighing .

The unit is modular, Headbail, Crate and Slide gate all bolt together, some clients use the headbail on other locations also as its easily taken of and transported to a run of for instance

The headbail can be operated from the back by ordering a special rear op kit ($615)
The unit shown also has a catwalk which can be obtained separately ($915)
The sides can be covered with Polybelt if required ( add $250)

$7500.- your price $6500.-

Heabail has several awards

Beefmaster Cattle Handler   Sold
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Beefmaster Cattle Handler Sold

Near Side Operation

Steel floor, Rotating Yoke Headbail, Injectagate, Split side gates, vet area
This unit has been looked after and will be a great make farming ezy asset to a Beef finding unit with limited handling . The unit can be equiped with Weighbars
Unit can be viewed on site or via video link


Mobile Loading Ramp
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Mobile Loading Ramp

Great ramp, traded as an upgrade to a dual loading ramp

Situated in Glen Avy South Island

Pic shown is part of yards, which is n to part of the offer

Normally just under 6 K, new this unit $3800.- Plus GST and Freight or collect from site

Allow 2 -3 weeks from order to pick up


Dominator  Cattle Handler Ex TradeDominator  Cattle Handler Ex Trade
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Dominator Cattle Handler Ex Trade

This Unit Is Great Buying

Client traded up to a Hydraulic handler. This unit has been looked after and will do a lot of work yet, ideal for mixed breeding/fattening property up to 200 animals or as dairy support handler for dry stock and winter cow grazing.

Dominator Off side operation , double squeeze, rubber lined floor, Concertina HB, vet safety slot, split vet gates, double acting rear gate. ( location Tauranga) ) available July 2020 ) price guide $11500.-plus GST and Freight

$11500.- Plus GST and Freight/insurance

(equivalent new value well over 20 K)