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Smart-Yards™ Plans

Smart-yards™ AN investment you simply never regret
Brand promise iBeef

Brand Promise Cattle Handling iBeef

The origin of a brand or branding is very old, the practice of branding originates in identifying the need by farmers to identify ownership of livestock in a way which is unique and easily visible. Even in todays digital world, the US brand registers are the only form of legal livestock ownership identification. A brand is a permanent marker and in todays commercial world a brand confirms a product or companies value proposition. The TechniPharm brand has been designed along the principles of Cattle Brand criteria and its value proposition is described in the attached PDF file. The Cattle Handling brand will be visible on all our promotion material and equipment and will be your guarantee of genuine ownership and pride.

Smart Yard: Navigator 360 Core And Race 2400
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Smart Yard: Navigator 360 Core And Race 2400

Handling At Its Best

If you investing in new yards think about where all the action is and where you need the dollars to work hardest. This core and race is a very well proven design for fast, safe and enjoyable stock work. You can add lead in races, draft pens and move gates to your situation and budget.


Smart Yard: Cft Force 180/180
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Smart Yard: Cft Force 180/180

Safety And Animal Guidance At Its Best

Specific guidance principles of how to get animals to do what we want them to do, without a lot of people and/or yelling and screaming. TechniPharm has spent many years of experimenting, learning and taking advice from other specialists around the globe. A particular note is Temple Grandin from the USA who has made a profound impact and change on all cattle handling systems around the world. The dimensions used are often not in line with efficient use of steel lengths thus you often find Technipharm system being slightly dearer, but that extra investment pays off in more efficient and safer handling. Even 1 minute per animal over 300 animals, 12 times a year adds up to considerable time savings.


Supreme - Smart-yard: Infinity Supreme(tm)
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Supreme - Smart-yard: Infinity Supreme™

Approx 270m + Infinite Expansion

The Infinity Smart Yards ™ series are the next generation of Steel yards designed to give you ultimate flexibility in design, size and relocation options. Infinity Smart Yards™ will create an animal handling system for your farm enhancing safety for staff and reduced stress for stock. With and Infinity Smart Yard™ you will see stock spending more time on pasture and less time in the yards. Infinity Smart Yards ™ will see you facing the future with confidence. If your farm system changes , Infinity Smart Yards™ can be adjusted to accommodate, we offer a free upgrade design service to you to mae that possible. Selling your farm in a few years time means you can list the Infinity Smart Yards ™ as a chattel and thus recover a large proportion if not all of its investment price . Infinity Smart Yards™ provide a value proposition which is second to none, with a high visual bearing impact to guide stock be design and not by force, and many proven animal behaviour design features Infinity Smart Yards™ are you best investment on the farm. The Supreme Infinity is an expandable yard design especially suitable for large mob stock movements

Not sure how to compare value, we offer a totally free comparable value report on all aspects of the investment so you can see clearly what you paying for in comparison to an alternative you may have found. Contact us to discuss this free service. Infinity Smart Yards™ are backed up by TechniPharms iBeef Brand™ guarantee

TechniPharm handling systems carry several National and iNter national awards

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