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On this page you will find the various categories of products or services we provide for Sheep Farming. Simply click on the picture or on the left part of the screen to go to the detailed product page which shows all products within that category.
TechniPharm is committed to be the leading provider of farm automation and handling equipment. Our products are of a high quality, have the best and most features and are made to purpose, not to a price. We invite you to do business with us but understand that in a competitive world price may be an issue for you, if it is let us know, and we will try our best to match price, feature for feature.

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Drafters (5)
TechniPharm offers you a great range of drafters, from our manual 1 , 2 and 3 way to the fully Automatic 3 way auto drafter.
All units can be EID equipped and can be permanently fixed, or taken from site to site.
Based on the very well proven Ruddweigh designs, many of these units can be seen on sheep farms in New Zealand and Australia

5 products - view them here
Handlers (2)
Sheep handlers come in many sizes and abilities... you can spend a little or a lot...

TechniPharm has developed a Sheep handler which does all, from a small lamb to a large ewe, this unit loads and reloads while you are working. From a simple crutch to hoof trimming, mouthing or putting in an ear tag and at the same time check the udder.

2 products - view them here
Weigh Systems
Weigh Systems (16)
If you are weighing lambs or ewes through a manual drafter, auto drafter or the wool press TechniPharm has the scales for you. Multiple brands and choices for every budget and purpose.

16 products - view them here
Animal Care: Castrating tools
Animal Care: Castrating tools (2)
Bloodless castrating can be easy and simple. Use an EZE for the large rams or a Triband or Tirex for the smaller lambs.
A great product with great results without the drama, super strong rings which will not fail

2 products - view them here
Farm Safety In Animal Handling
Farm Safety In Animal Handling (1)
Farm safety is and always has been an issue, many farmers have learned from practical experience and "know the dangers" animals are unpredictable, farm equipment can get caught up in undesirable situations. Maintenance and pre use checks may not always happen when they should. Also many farmers are now on average older and we are engaged in more distractions (Mobile phones for example) With a focus on safety TechniPharm aims to provide some solutions and suggestions to minimise the dangers, we invite you to talk to us and help you where we can add value. for starters a simple 3 point check

1) always check equipment before use, yes that includes animal handling equipment, check the head bail is locking properly , check gate latches are locking, grease where need be and make sure trip hazards are removed or identified.

2) have a look at how you do things, are there better ways of doing it? are staff properly equipped? do you have designated safe area's (we recommend that cattle and people are kept separated when possible, so a handler or headbail open to a pen with stock is not safe)

3) what else can you do? have you considered an upgrade to more relevant up to date design? remember equipment designed in the past is based on what the past determined was "safe" Design and materials may have changed.

Some product and recommendations which may help

1) A Pacifier can help a great deal in keeping stock relaxed so you can do what ever you need to do with stock

2) Headbails with secondary safety locks may just be that extra safety you are after, our Rotating yoke Headbail is the only headbail on the market with this feature.
Alternatively large stock units may consider full Hydraulic "hands off" equipped units
Technipharm provides a range of handling systems for Beef, Sheep and Dairy animal handling, we have been in business nearly 30 years and have an experienced team

3) Yard and Handlers with lots of gates and safe access points, properly designed access to headbails and stock treatment area's are critical design "hot" spots
We happy to help you with a handling facilities assessment and provide some recommendations for what needs doing. (base cost time @ $55/hr and travel at Km rate )

Call us NZ 0800 80 90 98
AUS 1800 124 034

also see for general farm safety information and tools

1 product - view it here
Pregnancy Detection systems
Pregnancy Detection systems (2)
From an ultrasound scanner to a scanning crate, TechniPharm has a range of products to choose from. Great for vets and contractors.

2 products - view them here
Pasture Management
Pasture Management (1)
Measurement of Pasture Dry matter is vital to your feedbudget. Dry matter is like money in the bank, if you do not know how much you have its hard to budget, let alone make a profit.

Technipharm has a range of tools for you to get the job of measuring under control

1 product - view it here
Electric Fencing Energisers
Electric Fencing Energisers (1)
A great range of energisers is available, direct from supplier to farmer... no shops, no show rooms, no cost
These units have been sold to an wide range of commercial and small block farmers for years
Choose a unit and simply order today

1 product - view it here
Mastitis Check with Milk Checker™
Mastitis Check with Milk Checker™ (1)
Testing for Mastitis is vital for quality control and delivery of top quality milk.

1 product - view it here
Farm Safety
Farm Safety (1)
Farm Safety solutions are often very simple but clever things which make the job ezy
TechniPharm has a range of such make farming ezy solutions ready for you to engage on your farm

1 product - view it here
Automatic Feeders
Automatic Feeders (1)
The La Leche Robot Feeder is great for feeding those "lost lambs" Robot is like mum... with the difference its got lots of teats...feed them all and get that extra revenue...

1 product - view it here
Presto Shed™ for sheep handling yards
Presto Shed™ for sheep handling yards (1)
Presto Sheds™ are great, simple and easy to put up and with great design options.
Build over top of an existing handling area or create a new one. Keep out the rain and give protection from the sun.
Easy to erect and easy to to maintain, an effective and cost beneficial investment.

1 product - view it here
EID (2)
Electronic Identification will improve your results

2 products - view them here
Polybelt™ HDPE Lining
Polybelt™ HDPE Lining (1)
Polybelt™ is a great product for revitalizing old yards, the smooth material comes in 1000mm high and up to 100 metre long lengths (or shorter to accommodate your order) Polybelt™ is easy to install and creates great flow. The smooth areas created are also great to ensure EID tags stay in the ears... rather than getting cought between rails and post.

1 product - view it here
Animal Control Pacifier
Animal Control Pacifier (2)
The Neuro pulse control of the Pacifier settles the animal down and relaxes. This allows the stock person to do what work is needed in a stress free, safe environment

2 products - view them here
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