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Dairy farming requires iron discipline, hard work, determination and lots of materials and equipment inputs. But the rewards can be great and life does not have to be all about hard work and endless days. Employ the right people, obtain the right equipment and get advice from the right people can make a big difference. At TechniPharm we have made it our goal to make your life easier, to get more out of your cows and have some money and time left over to enjoy life.

With over 14000 reported stock related injuries in NZ alone and most expensive ACC claim at 800 K , decent facilities and equipment are a cheap insurance.

TechniPharm is committed to being the leading provider of farm automation, environment and handling solutions. Technipharm Make Farming Ezy means high quality, superior extensive features and benefits. TechniPharm products are made specifically for the purpose, not dictated by a cheapest can do price.

We price ourselves in sharing with you what our current clients already know, we invite you to do business with us. If you think price is an issue, show us the maths and we will match price, feature for feature, spec for spec.

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Automated Yard Cleaning, Dungbuster, Greenwash and Hybrid Systems
Automated Yard Cleaning, Dungbuster, Greenwash and Hybrid Systems (8)
Dungbuster Automatic Yard Cleaning systems are the best investment you can make this year. What other investment could you name which saves you 3 weeks time per year! that is a lot of time..saves you water, up to 40% and saves you power! But foremost...why spend hours a day hanging onto a hose? and a cold one at that.. or if it's staff you employ... they could be doing more productive things!


8 products - view them here
Dairy Handlers and Hoofcare Superior Handling solutions
Dairy Handlers and Hoofcare Superior Handling solutions (14)
Be it specialist handling, ear tagging, drenching, calving a cow, vet work, inseminating, embrio transplants or hoof trimming, TechniPharm has the solution for you! We invented Dairy handling and many design features have been copied by others ever since... but not all! TechniPharm Dairy Handlers always offer you more features and more benefits than anything else... make your first and last call a TechniPharm one!
With 3 standard models and our Infinity Range we cater for all aspects of need

14 products - view them here
Dairy Handling Headbails
Dairy Handling Headbails (5)
Our most popular Headbail for a Dairy facility is the Dairy Handler Headbail, many hundreds of farmers use this headbail every day. Straight rubber lined for the smallest and largest animal. A multiple award winner! Two sizes standard and full size concertina, can also be equiped with rear operation kit set

5 products - view them here
Dairy caddy, mobile self locking dairy stool
Dairy caddy, mobile self locking dairy stool (6)
Any job at tail height is so much easier when you are at the right height.... Dairy Caddy movable braked platform will get you there, a simple stool on wheels with a self locking brake system.
Ride along the pit wall or platform and be at the same height as the cows ... AI, Tail Painting, Preg Testing and General Vet work... it's safe and steady on your Dairy
Caddy.... meets AI safety standards...get one today
4 models to choose from

New product option 2020, the Dairy Caddy Slimline plus Plank™

6 products - view them here
Animal Care: Animal Control Unit
Animal Care: Animal Control Unit (2)
AN Animal control unit is designed to create a safer working environment for staff and a greater all round experience for the animal under treatment.

A neuro pulse relaxes the animal and thus stress related flight and fight hormones are kept at bay, creating a much desired safe environment to work in

Bovine related accidents are common and ACC claims are an expensive way to get you back to work. Avoid the hassle and get a Pacifier.

Safety in handling animals starts with using the right equipment

"we make farming ezy"

2 products - view them here
Teat Spray Solutions
Teat Spray Solutions (3)
Cows move at different speeds.... yet all automatic teatspray systems have so far always performed at one speed... consequence missed cows and teatspray wasted. But now there is SST from TechniPharm, Speed Sensitive Technology.. we detect the speed of the cow before she gets sprayed and depending on her speed she gets sprayed where it counts, without waste and without missing cows. SST the best solution for your intensive Dairy.. whats more SST can be linked to drive SEELECT A COW Auto Drafting, making even more use out of your investment.

3 products - view them here
Yard Gates
Yard Gates (1)
Steel gates for wooden yards ( or anywhere else) are a critical part of animal handling, good visual barriers encourage stock to move the right way.
Gates height ensures no jumping ! great range and choices of lock latches.

1 product - view it here
Weigh Systems
Weigh Systems (20)
Most Dairy Farmers have a "lost profit margin" and yet without much work this margin could be released and on your balance sheet...
Data collection on weigh gains or losses will give you a management tool to enhance feed use efficiency and profit ! it pays

Too often we hear, to hard in a dairy environment to weigh animals.... but is it? you do not have to weigh them all, but if you invest in a good handling system and weigh bars, every time you weigh an animal the EID system can read the cows ID and records its weight, all this while you do other jobs, like hoof care, drench, tag, AI, general vet work... making it ezy

20 products - view them here
Cow House, Wintering Pad or Feed Pad
Cow House, Wintering Pad or Feed Pad (4)
We can help you realise the opportunities which will be talked about more and more. Designs for facilities for wintering or year round milking cows, be it under a roof in a "proper" freestall barn type CowHouse™ DairyHouse(™) or on a stand off/wintering pad.
With unique but well proven European and/or North American ideas in combination with our Kiwi farming know how we can offer a specialised solution

4 products - view them here
Mastitis Check with Milk Checker™
Mastitis Check with Milk Checker™ (2)
TechniPharm offers you the very best in Mastitis Detection systems. Our Milkchecker has been farmers favourite now for many years. Introduced technology by TechniPharm in mid 1994 saw many farmers reducing their cell count from the high 700 to less than 100!!
Join the many users who have achieved peace of mind and a healthier herd... click on the picture for special offers

2 products - view them here
Polybelt™ (1)
Polybelt ™ is an extremely usefull product around the farm, use as windshield in the yard, tree root barrier, feed trough liner, animal flow vision shield around loading area's and drafters, many applications and easy to attach. Last a lifetime.

1 product - view it here
Electric Fencing Energisers
Electric Fencing Energisers (1)
When it comes to Energisers, there are many choices, many brands and many capacities and performance statistics... TechniPharms Direct Line Fencing brand is a simply no fuss "get on with the job" option.
We have been selling this line for nearly 10 years and our clients have always been enthusiastic about the results and performance.

1 product - view it here
Presto - Feed or Fertiliser Bin
Presto - Feed or Fertiliser Bin (1)
This feed or fertiliser bin is guaranteed to keep your valuable palm kernel or fertiliser dry. Build on site out of prefab blocks and add kitset roof and rails. Width up to 6 meters and any length.

A Presto on site solution. Simple steps are all it takes to build a valuable cover. Lay a concrete pad, place the blocks, then the rails and poles, assemble the roof and Hey Presto! ready to go.
If you rather get the professionals to do it, we can do turnkey or part project coordination, whatever suits.

1 product - view it here
Loading Ramps
Loading Ramps (3)
We offer various models loading ramp, from the ProRamp, dual loading, curbed ramps, mobile and standard ramps... loading on or off is simple, safe and easy with a TechniPharm ramp

NZ made, NZ design to meet NZ safe loading conditions

3 products - view them here
Backing Bar New Miracle for Herringbone sheds
Backing Bar New Miracle for Herringbone sheds (1)
One size now fits all, the all new backing bar for Herringbones is a beauty.
Simple to use and perfect for any Herringbone shed.
Great for "uneven rows" lock up, AI, or just to hold a cow or a few in the herringbone.
Call us today for your order! This is a must have product.

1 product - view it here
Pregnancy Detection systems
Pregnancy Detection systems (2)
TechiPharm offers you two systems, Ultra Doppler on farm units and the Ultra Sound vet or professional use equipment.

Preg testing provides information upon which you can make management choices... the sooner you know the better.. "is she pregnant or not" ?

2 products - view them here
Manual Yard Scrapers
Manual Yard Scrapers (3)
Great choices of yard scrapers, for hard to reach areas like underpasses, feedpad lead up areas sump edges, areas in the yard not easily hosed out. Pre yard hosing etc save water, save electricity. Great quality made in Europe!

3 products - view them here
Water Irrigation on tap
Water Irrigation on tap (2)
Water irrigation from dams or alternative surface water sources can be costly.
This complete unit is designed to pump anywhere without great set up cost.

2 products - view them here
BIOGAS Generation
BIOGAS Generation (2)
BIOGAS generation is common in the EU, in NZ and AUS its in it's infancy, some have tried, partly succeeded or failed. The EU and the Netherlands and Germany in particular are " miles ahead" and have developed the technology and knowhow to create sustainable practical systems.

To make energy, you have to have energy, so diluted effluent from a standard dairy farm is not going to cut it.

Large feed pads or cow houses may provide enough waste to extract energy from, talk to TechniPharm about the possibilities

2 products - view them here
Calf Rearing solutions
Calf Rearing solutions (6)
Calf Rearing is all about having the right equipment, people and time... Technipharm can help with a range of products which will make your job easier and less time consuming.. your herds future starts now with new calves.. give them the best you have now will ensure they pay you back later.
Robot Feeders, Calf Crates, Drafter Crates, Debudders

6 products - view them here
Automatic Feeders
Automatic Feeders (1)
Feeding calves is a skill... some do it well some not so well. " mum does best" and Robot comes a close second. Engage a Robot calf feeder to do it for you..
TechniPharm has a great unit with a 30 year plus reputation in NZ, a well proven solution to feeding small and larger mobs. see also Calf Rearing Solutions.

1 product - view it here
Farm Safety
Farm Safety (1)
Farm Safety solutions are often very simple but clever things which make the job ezy
TechniPharm has a range of such make farming ezy solutions ready for you to engage on your farm

1 product - view it here
Automatic Drafting with SEELECT A COW™
Automatic Drafting with SEELECT A COW™ (3)
Imagine standing in the yard or dairy and zapping cows with a hand held reader knowing that they will be automatically drafted after milking.

Do a large draft list on CIDR cows and presto all done.

Far fetched? ...This is now a reality, identify cows for AI in the yard, zap!... identify cows in the shed, zap!.... make a pre draft list, zap!..... split herd, zap!.... Simply Seelect A Cow and auto draft it with the best award winning patented technology from TechniPharm...

3 products - view them here
Pasture Management
Pasture Management (1)
Its like a bank balance... if you know what you got , you know what you could spend...
Pasture is no different, many farmers now engage in some kind of measuring grass dry matter. Some estimate, some use platemeters, some use the good old gumboot and some use an electronic pasture gauge, or Pas-T-Plus. The latter is a great tool and gives accurate readings of edible matter! not stalk

1 product - view it here
Farm Safety In Animal Handling
Farm Safety In Animal Handling (1)
Farm safety is and always has been an issue, many farmers have learned from practical experience and "know the dangers" animals are unpredictable, farm equipment can get caught up in undesirable situations. Maintenance and pre use checks may not always happen when they should. Also many farmers are now on average older and we are engaged in more distractions (Mobile phones for example) With a focus on safety TechniPharm aims to provide some solutions and suggestions to minimise the dangers, we invite you to talk to us and help you where we can add value. for starters a simple 3 point check

1) always check equipment before use, yes that includes animal handling equipment, check the head bail is locking properly , check gate latches are locking, grease where need be and make sure trip hazards are removed or identified.

2) have a look at how you do things, are there better ways of doing it? are staff properly equipped? do you have designated safe area's (we recommend that cattle and people are kept separated when possible, so a handler or headbail open to a pen with stock is not safe)

3) what else can you do? have you considered an upgrade to more relevant up to date design? remember equipment designed in the past is based on what the past determined was "safe" Design and materials may have changed.

Some product and recommendations which may help

1) A Pacifier can help a great deal in keeping stock relaxed so you can do what ever you need to do with stock

2) Headbails with secondary safety locks may just be that extra safety you after, our Rotating yoke Headbail is the only headsail on the market with this feature.
Alternatively large stock units may consider full Hydraulic "hands off" equipped units
Technipharm provides a range of handling systems for Beef, Sheep and Dairy animal handling, we have been in business nearly 30 years and have an experienced team

3) Yard and Handlers with lots of gates and safe access points, properly designed access to headbails and stock treatment area's are critical design "hot" spots
We happy to help you with a handling facilities assessment and provide some recommendations for what needs doing.

Call us 0800 80 90 98

also see for general farm safety information and tools

1 product - view it here
Animal Care Rubber matts (puzzle segmented)
Animal Care Rubber matts (puzzle segmented) (1)
Great rubber matts for Rotary entry points or Herringbone pits

Can be easily place and removed if need be for cleaning

1 product - view it here
Animal Care: Castrating tools
Animal Care: Castrating tools (3)
Many farmers have heard about them, seen them, used them, have you got yours yet?
Castrating does not have to be complicated or bloody, simple designed tools to get the job done cleanly, effectively and giving you more beef on the hoof is available. Triband Green, Tirex or EZE Bloodless, get one today.

3 products - view them here
Presto Shed™ a great solution for cover
Presto Shed™ a great solution for cover (1)
Wherever you need cover Presto Shed™ can help. A staff shade area, bike cover, a lean too for tractor, or maybe a cover for the boat and fishing gear. Presto Sheds™ come in many sizes and they take very little time to erect. 2 people can put a 6 x 6 shed up in less than 5 hours.
They look good and last well.

See the Presto Shed™ category for more information.

1 product - view it here
Gate Openers
Gate Openers (2)
Auto Gate openers have become very popular, they can save a huge amount of time and provide for more "hands off" animal management.... this is a must have product on every farm.. its like an invisible staff member. Make your farming ezy

2 products - view them here
Silage Making
Silage Making (1)
Making and preserving silage needs special skills and materials. TechniPharm aims to bring you some innovations to assist you in this job.

1 product - view it here
Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter
Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter (2)
Valuable Dairy cows should not go to waste... at around $2000 for a milking cow you simply need to do the sums.
Spend a few hours and some dollars giving her a new chance and possible lease of life, or let her go and replace her..... and yes replacement cows cost you a lot more than trying to save the downer cow.. It may not seem like that at the time... but do the sums and you will soon see the benefits of recovery.

2 products - view them here
On farm special tool.. rippa grip
On farm special tool.. rippa grip (2)
The Rippa Grip is to good to leave in our store, and not many do. This G clamp like tool is a real winner, a fantastic clamping tool for all those jobs on the farm. Be it a few pipes need holding or a chainsaw sharpenned on the back of the ute..

2 products - view them here
Animal Care: Captive Bolt Slaughter Device
Animal Care: Captive Bolt Slaughter Device (1)
This Captive Bolt Slaughter Device saves you time and money. A firearms license is not required for use and it is DairyNZ and NAWAC approved for humane destruction.

1 product - view it here
Animal Care: Cow brush
Animal Care: Cow brush (2)
With many opportunities for cows to have a good scratch removed from most farms ( hedges and trees) Cows are short of scratching opportunities. Dust and unwanted insects irritate the cows more then they should. Cow brushes are great alternative for general grooming and cow care. Cows like them and feel better for it. Better feeling cows means more production.

2 products - view them here
Animal Care: Tailwell #2
Animal Care: Tailwell #2 (1)
This great little unit is a godsend when it comes to cleaning tails.
Stop having that wet tail slap in your face and dirtying everything.
Clean and ezy a great tool . Buy now and have this working on your farm in the next few days.

1 product - view it here
Dairy Housing
Dairy Housing (2)
Dairy Housing product solutions are designed to deliver the greatest level of comfort and care for Dairy Cows in animal housing. TechniPharm provides for an independent range of the very best and most economical solutions from selected NZ, EU and USA providers. All Direct to you! We also provide qualified installers and project install coordination and after sales service.
We have a large range of products in NZ Dairy Housings systems from as far back as 2005

2 products - view them here
Animal Care: Gas Debudders
Animal Care: Gas Debudders (1)
The LPG Gas Debudder is great for fast and safe debudding, simply bolt the fitting at the end of the hose to your standard LPG regular fitting BBQ gas bottle. Maintains highest temperature 500-600C ensuring a quick & efficient job - No waiting for it to reheat - just one calf after the other! A cordless, multi-use, gas debudder is also avaliable.

1 product - view it here
Transporters for on and off farm stock transport
Transporters for on and off farm stock transport (1)
Inter farm transport can take up a lot of time and cost. Stock and machinery can easily be transport with large tractor pulled heavy duty transporters, saving you time, money and better control.

"we make farming ezy"

1 product - view it here
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